Nuestra Organización:

We are a network of professionals focused on the implementation of innovative ideas for Sustainable Human Development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Free, independent, critical, creative...

Our Vision

"A Diverse, Inclusive, Caring and Sensitive Society to Life on Earth" 


"Preserve natural resources and improve the quality of life of our communities, facilitating participatory processes and promoting the implementation of best public and private practices, within the framework of Sustainable Human Development"



The fulfillment of our Mission is based on thematic programs and our work as international consultants.


To carry out our actions, we have allies in Argentina and the region.

Consejo de administración

Latin-Americans from Argentina

Fabián Román


Adrián Scalise

Vice President

Rosa Scalise


Lupe Carbó


Daniel Portas


Consejo consultivo

An interdisciplinary team of world prestige and a Council with a gender focus

Ernestina Rubio

President of "No Es Utopía" from Spain

Paola Simonetti

Project Manager and Consultant of the Corporate Social Responsibility area of ​​IBM.

Piera Curotto

Ex-Former Corporate Citizenship Manager of IBM Southern Cone.

Erika Harms

Founder Planet4People from the USA, Former Executive Director of the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism.

Consultoras asociadas

Silvina Miguenz

Lucía Egea Skrabal

Plan21 Editions

Ricardo Costa Brizuela

Mariana Di Acqua

Equipo de voluntarias

Dafne Avellaneda Mesa

Florencia Quiroga

Triana Sánchez Attanasio

Florencia Parisi

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